Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Eminem; You Fail Again

I don't understand... Em's is widely regarded as one of the best to ever do it, but why?? I'll be the first to admit i was never the biggest Eminem fan. There were songs that i thought were dope, but his corny "Comedy" songs really prevented me from ever truly fucking wit dude. Somewhere around the recording of "Encore" he transformed into ahnald, rapping with a stupid accent, and that was the end for me. The drugs must have really took a toll on his brain because he continued rapping like this until, well until today really.

To be honest after the string of disappointing albums and singles, i was excited for "Recovery" mainly because of Just Blaze's involvement with the project. Obviously i was pretty excited for the single, but on first listen i found myself thinking "What the hell is this shit?!". The whole thing comes off corny to me, sounding softer than my next-door neighbors.


Em went out and got Drake producer Boy-1da to do the beat, so naturally this sounds like some shit the homie Drake passed on, but then adding insult to injury both the hook and the bridge sound like drake wrote it, then threw it in the gahbage. To me this sounds like a desperate attempt by an aging artist, to be relevant in an industry where the young cats are running shit, kind of like a Mid-career crisis. As for the lyrics he hits us with the usual 'iggidy, diggity' flow, trying to be deep but it just come's off sounding too generic.

I call it how i see it... I give the white boy a chance EVERY TIME he's gunna drop an album, and he's been disappointing since 2002. I guess i'll be lowering that bar of expectations from now on, lets see if he proves me wrong with Recovery.

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