Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Infrared Beams...

New detailed pics of the "Infrared" package. If you a sneaker head you know what this is... HOLY GRAIL STATUS!!! Black Infrared's were retro'd 10 years ago, and the white infrared's were never retro'd, EVER!!! There's no date on this package yet, so expect it around holiday 2010. Figure $300 + Tax. Better start saving up now...

Curren$y x Wiz Khalifa

Two ill joints right here... JETS...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Holding the crown for twenty-ten...

It's been a minute since i posted something, and i just read a post on somebody's "shoe of the year" so it motivated me to post my top shoe of 2010. We all know the foamposites are on fire right now, and the previous releases were fresh, but in my opinion, these are the flyest of ALL. The pearl white/Black/True red colorway is too dope for word's. These one time exclusives will be released to the general public sometime in 2010, so don't sleep on 'em, you'll regret that move...

On another note, i just copped the White on white, 25th anniversary XI's. Imma keep those on ice and break em out NEXT summer, My sneaker game is OD, so that's nothing for me. You know my motto... Cop 'em, Stock 'em, THEN rock 'em. Until next time.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Eminem; You Fail Again

I don't understand... Em's is widely regarded as one of the best to ever do it, but why?? I'll be the first to admit i was never the biggest Eminem fan. There were songs that i thought were dope, but his corny "Comedy" songs really prevented me from ever truly fucking wit dude. Somewhere around the recording of "Encore" he transformed into ahnald, rapping with a stupid accent, and that was the end for me. The drugs must have really took a toll on his brain because he continued rapping like this until, well until today really.

To be honest after the string of disappointing albums and singles, i was excited for "Recovery" mainly because of Just Blaze's involvement with the project. Obviously i was pretty excited for the single, but on first listen i found myself thinking "What the hell is this shit?!". The whole thing comes off corny to me, sounding softer than my next-door neighbors.


Em went out and got Drake producer Boy-1da to do the beat, so naturally this sounds like some shit the homie Drake passed on, but then adding insult to injury both the hook and the bridge sound like drake wrote it, then threw it in the gahbage. To me this sounds like a desperate attempt by an aging artist, to be relevant in an industry where the young cats are running shit, kind of like a Mid-career crisis. As for the lyrics he hits us with the usual 'iggidy, diggity' flow, trying to be deep but it just come's off sounding too generic.

I call it how i see it... I give the white boy a chance EVERY TIME he's gunna drop an album, and he's been disappointing since 2002. I guess i'll be lowering that bar of expectations from now on, lets see if he proves me wrong with Recovery.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Amazin'

The "Amazin' Mets"?? The only thing that is amazing is how much they probably will fall off from now till the end of the season. The Mets are on a nice win streak and 1st in their division, so lets see if they can keep this momentum past the All-star break... Fingers crossed.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sean Price The General, So Generally Speaking...

This is not an official Sean P collabo. I just made a beat (No samples BTW) took an acapella i had and matched it up to the T. You can tell i got an ear for this music shit because i tailored the beat to his verse, and it sound like P spit on it himself. Most mixes i hear from "DJ's" and on "Mixtapes" sound like shit and dont match at all, so press play and enjoy a verse you pralli never heard before... P!!!

I doubt P will ever see this, but i apologize if you think it's wack... haha

Beats Rhymes & Life: Roc Marciano "Marcberg"

First thing i do every morning is brew up some fine Columbian, and hit up my favorite sites. Dallaspenn & Nahright being at the top of that list. So about a month ago the homie DP posted 3 leaks from this album, so i played half of "Snow" and cut it off... i was sold. I fucking hate to hear album leaks, because just like Frank Costanza "I like to go in fresh!"

Way back in 2001 i had just started producing and my Pete Rock stannery was still in full effect, I cut school and hit up my local hip hop spot to cop "Petestrumentals". On that album were just 2 cuts with verses: "Cake" & "Nothing Lesser" which instantly had me thinking. Who just murdered that track like that? Turns out to be Roc Marciano and i been checking for his shit ever since.

Beats: Being a producer this is what i check for before anything, and there are no guest producers here. Roc produces the whole damn thing. Armed with just a MPC 2500 he drops 14 of the grittiest, grimiest beats you've heard in long time. I listened to the album front to back and it seemed like every beat was consecutively just topping the last one. Roc's crate game must be pretty deep coz the samples used are fresh. The drums match the beats well, and the kicks sound punchy and the snares are real crispy... Just how i like 'em. Add this to the fact he's not exactly known as being a producer, makes all of this even more impressive.

Rhymes: The beats perfectly showcase his multi syllabic rhymes schemes and vicious flows. His flow and patterns change with every track, each sounding custom tailored to the beat. The album is littered with street tales and dope rhymes. My personal favorite being "Thug's Prayer"

We took money, put em under the study
Went from skinny to chubby, in the city thats gully
Back again, its the hideous ugly, gritty mcgillicutty
Put the squeeze on a nigga just like silly putty
Keep the arm chunky, fingers is heavy, plus
(What else) the rings sparkle in ya grill like 7-up
In the lexus truck, dressed up, word to Dapper Dan
Gold bands on the hands like shazaam (Damn!)
Throw up a thunderbolt, rappers'll somersault
Pelle's is butter soft, crabs in buttersauce
Perhaps let a couple off, skin bubble off
Hustling soft... Up in the loft. aint no love lost...

Life: The album sounds like an ALBUM. Todays trend of 2 singles and a bunch random filler aint cuttin' it. The sound is consistent from start to finish, and the tracks sound even better back to back. I get a genuine vibe from the album, as if he was able to do what he wanted to do and say what he wanted to say without having to answer to anybody but himself, and i like it. This is the type of shit you put on blast with the windows cracked enough so everybody can hear it. The type of shit you play at full volume to drown out the sounds of the subway, and the streets and just zone the fuck out in ya own world.

Bottom Line? This is a MUST COP. When i say "cop" that means on MAY 4th go to your local spot and BUY the shit. This is the type of artist you need to support. He took the super indie route, producing, recording and mixing the album, and getting it pressed up by fat beats all by his dolo. If you that same muthafucka complaining about how hip hop is wack... Just shut the fuck up and just go buy this album. You wont be disappointed.

Superhero Music

Here's another joint i did as part of a tribute to issac hayes... I looped it up and threw some drums on it but the drums are the star of the show... With just a bunch of one shot drum sounds i tried to make it sound like a lost drum break or like it belonged on the record. Can you name the sample?

Youtube kinda kills the sound quality of the song, it sounds way better from an MP3.

Throwaway Joints...

Here's a couple throwaway beats i put on my youtube channel a while back.
I did these for the hell of it... Check em out.

^ Forget the sample, but i heard it and had this whipped up in 20 minutes... Dope.

^Flipped that Mohawks "Champ" sample, chopped up a few breaks, threw a bassline on the shit, and put a Mobb vocal on the hook... "Rep NYC" Shit goes kinda hard.

^Just some bullshit. I used that "Art of Noise" sample as a basis, and i played some keys over it. Not really my style but i can flip anything. Versatility...